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Evangelism explosion tract menorahmenorah ministries. Evangelism begins where you live, anywhere there are people. Verses to learn to share the gospel using evangelism explosion method. Moore for training disciples develop a brief outline for a sixmonthlong curriculum to train disciples. Know the meaning of mass evangelism and saturation evangelism know the process of discipleship be able to explain spiritual multiplication name three principles that paul exemplified in making disciples know five practical ideas from waylon b. This ee outline is very useful in sharing the gospel on a oneonone basis systematically.

Note that the burden of response falls to the soil, not the sower. Notice in an effort to protect our staff and follow orders from our local government, we will limit the ee stores shipments to once each week until further notice. By studying jesus methods of evangelism we can conclude that true evangelism uses all the scripture, the whole counsel of god, in reaching people. Knowing that i have sinned and that i need the lord jesus christ as my savior. The soils represent various hearers of the kingdom message. Download this tract pdf download this tract pdf evangelism explosion international. Sharing your faith evangelism explosion outline evangelism explosion course outline i. If you died today, how certain are you that you would go to heaven. The few minutes it will take you to read this may be the most important time you will ever spend. Did you know that the bible tells how you can know for surethat you have eternal life and will go to be with god in heaven. It is designed in such a way that the key point and key verses on salvation is incorporated into a very interesting conversation. Evangelism explosion course outline october 10, 2008. Workshop for evangelism study guide page 4 of 17 principle i evangelism is the work of the holy spirit every work of god is built on believing prayer.

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