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My wife wanted to swim with dolphin and i did not imagine that all will be book 2 months before. When you encounter them, swimming or diving, and you spend time with them, you leave entranced, enthralled and, yes, humbled that you had this incredible encounter. It is one of the best places in the world to view whales, dolphins, seals and blue penguins. A dolphin encounter where you get the opportunity to swim with, or watch, the dusky dolphins in their natural environment off the coast of kaikoura. Dolphin encounter has been been sharing unforgettable dolphin encounters with people from all corners of the globe for nearly 30 years. I did a dolphin swim at bay of islands but there was no swimming. There is no shortage of seats available for watching the dolphins so advance bookings for watching is. Kaikoura is new zealands premium marine and wildlife destination. Swim with the dolphins kaikoura, new zealand youtube. Discover magnificent marine wildlife out on the south pacific ocean during this 12hour kaikoura dolphin swim from christchurch.

Since then, weve built up an unmatchable level of experience, knowledge and insight about dolphins, and the best ways to encounter them in safe, humane and environmentallyfriendly ways not to mention exciting and joyful. This tour accompanies the kaikoura whale watch tours from christchurch. Kaikoura, a small town located on the east coast of new zealands south island, is one of the best places in the country to have encounters with marine life. Start your dolphin encounter by climbing aboard a modern powerboat. Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy. These magnificent creatures have made their home base in akaroa, a stunning french inspired seaside village just a 90 minute scenic drive from christchurch. Snorkellers with dusky dolphins, lagenorhynchus obscurus, during a dolphin watching and swim with the dolphins tour with encounter kaikoura, kaikoura, canterbury, east. Encounter kaikoura is a friendly and enthusiastic business dedicated to providing our customers with a magical experience of a lifetime. Swimming with dolphins in kaikoura new zealands biggest. Kaikoura dolphin swim tour epic deals and last minute. Sharks in kaikoura swimming with dolphins kaikoura forum.

Kaikouras mountaincrusted coast has a rich collection of marine life and your swimming tour brings you face to flipper with one of its most popular residents, the dusky dolphin. I would like to do one of them but will not have time for both, anyone done either or both and would care to comment. Youll join the crew from dolphin encounter and head off of new zealand stunning coast in search of the many dusky dolphin pods which call this part of the world home. Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat in kaikoura, one of the best dolphin watching spots in the world on this 3. The whole thing was really well organised and the people running the trip were so helpful. In other months you get to see orca, humpback whales, blue whales, hector dolphins and many other coastal seabirds. Save up to 40% whale watching flight, 45 min spotter flight kaikoura fly over amazing scenery, dolphins and majestic whales with wings over whales a company you can trust with. To book kaikoura dolphin swim, simply log onto the dolphin encounter website, check your desired availability and pay. Dolphin encounter kaikoura is a locally owned business that has been running dolphin tours for over thirty years. Due to the nutrients rich waters off the coast, kaikoura is home to a huge diversity of marine life. Bookme recommendation is to book well in advance or book the great deals on dolphin watch on.

Here you can go whale watching, see albatross colonies, spot lazy fur seals, and swim with acrobatic dusky dolphins. Dolphin encounter operate tours to the dusky dolphins, found traditionally quite close to shore at kaikoura. Swim with and watch wild dolphins in kaikoura the dolphin encounter tour is a boat based tour that takes you to swim with or watch the acrobatic dusky dolphins along the kaikoura coastline. Kaikoura is famous for marine mammals and birdlife and is regarded as the best place in new zealand to view whales, albatross and to swim with dolphins. The recipient will need to book an exact time and date online using the gift voucher they receive from you. Start your dolphin encounter by climbing on board a modern powerboat. Dolphin encounter booking unavailable on tripadvisor. Swim with dolphins tour kaikoura nz photo, information. Well this incredible dolphin trip in kaikoura, on new zealands south island, is probably one of the best day trips nz has to offer. We have three dolphin swimming vessels and are able to operate. For more information and to book check out the dolphin encounter. Its one of the many awesome wildlife activities in kaikoura and will get you upclose to amazing dolphins in.

With over 25 years of experience, friendship and trust built up with the local dolphins, we offer visitors a. Our tours operate in the open ocean and we are subject to sea conditions and weather on the day of the tour. On your arrival in kaikoura you may enjoy either an early lunch optional extra or free time to explore kaikoura prior to the swim with dolphins tour with encounter kaikoura, where you will. Akaroa harbour is the only place on the planet where you can get close to the worlds smallest and rarest dolphin, the hectors dolphin. Dolphins are large, gentle, intelligent creatures who seem to seek out human company, playing, frolicking, even communicating. Home new zealand swimming with wild dolphins in new zealand. The dolphin encounter tour offers swimming with the dusky dolphins but if swimming is not for you, watching from the comfort of. I booked my wild dolphin swim with dolphin encounter kaikoura through my kiwi experience trip. Swim with dolphins in kaikoura kaikoura is famous for its spectacular marine life that inhabits the picturesque coastline of kaikoura that includes whales, dolphins, orca, albatross, penguins and a multitude of pelacic birdlife along fur seals. Dolphin encounter kaikoura were slick from the off with a beautiful new. Dolphin encounter kaikoura is new zealands first company to offer swimming with dolphins.

Dolphin watching tours and swimming with dolphins in kaikoura, new zealand. More deals for you customers who booked this also liked these amazing deals. Dolphin encounter operating swimming with dolphins tours in kaikoura new zealand. We are a small 6th generation family business and we love taking guests out to share amazing experiences on the akaroa harbour on. Dolphin encounter kaikoura, 96 esplanade, kaikoura 2020. On our kaikoura dolphin tours you are sometimes lucky enough to see other marine mammals such as orca killer whales, pilot whales, new zealand fur seals, and hectors dolphins.

Today were joining dolphin encounter to swim with dolphins in kaikoura. The hectors dolphin was named after sir james hector, who was the curator of. I asked the same question about sharks when i went swimming with the dolphins in kaikoura last month september and the dolphin encounter staff told me that the shark swimming company had closed down about 6 years ago because of the lack of sharks and as long as they have been operating they have not had seen any dangerous sharks on the tour this was a fantastic experience during our. Kaikoura is a popular holiday town, backed by the dramatic kaikoura seaward range. An impressive 95% success rate means that you are guaranteed an 80% refund if your tour does not see a whale. Ecoseaker dolphin swimming and harbour adventure cruises.

Get up close and personal to kaikouras incredible resident dusky dolphins in their stunning natural environment. Totally amazing, words fail me but please dont miss. Kaikoura swim with dolphins tour from christchurch. Really well organised, great staff, careful briefing and be sure to book early as this is rightly popular as the highlight on any visit to. Hectors dolphins are endemic to new zealand, meaning they are only found in new zealand waters. If you want to know what its like to swim with the dolphins in new zealand on your own dolphin encounter, check it out in kaikoura with the dusky dolphins. We operate picturesque tours along the spectacular kaikoura coastline and give you the option to swim please see other booking option and interact with wild dusky dolphins or watch their playful acrobatics in the open ocean from the comfort of our boat. Take the opportunity to interact and swim with the incredible dusky dolphins of kaikoura. Dolphin encounter kaikoura 2020 all you need to know. Browse and book the best price for kaikoura dolphin swim tour for 2090% off things to do in christchurch visit bookme christchurch. Kaikoura swim with dolphins tour from christchurch viator.

Unbelievable dolphin encounter kaikoura swim with wild. Kaikoura dolphin encounter watch option epic deals. Have you ever dreamed of swimming with wild dolphins. Bookme is the home of the epic deals and last minute discounts on all.

Be sure to book well ahead if you want to do the swim. They have three boats and can run three dolphin swimming trips a day. An incredible tour and a must do during your time new zealand. Kaikoura whale watch, dolphin swimming, seals, penguins. Travel through the rolling hills of north canterbury to the rugged coastline of kaikoura the perfect place to view new zealands dolphins, seals and birdlife in the wild. Swimming with wild dolphins in kaikoura, new zealand inc promo. We noticed tourists was asking about the kaikoura dolphin tour death.

The town is famous for its crayfish, whales, dolphins and seals. If you do not see a swim option available to book online. Visit kaikoura to see these amazing marine mammals and birds in their natural habitat. Join us for a totally unique experience seal swimming with kekeno new zealand fur seals in their own spectacular marine environment on the beautiful east. On your arrival in kaikoura you may enjoy either an early lunch or have free time to explore kaikoura before being transferred to the swim with dolphins tour with encounter kaikoura, where you. The whale watch and seal swim booking offices are each 10 minutes walk away. Don a wetsuit and swim with the dolphins during a tour with encounter kaikoura on the south island of new zealand. Kaikoura dolphin lodge is 4 minutes drive from kaikoura train station.

Dolphins in new zealand things to see and do in new zealand. Dolphin encounter tours in kaikoura provide boat trips to swim with the. There is a limit of just 16 swimmers on each vessel with plenty of additional space for watching. Advance booking for swimming is essential in summer. We remain temporarily closed and at this stage are accepting bookings.

We will email you an open dated gift voucher valid for 12 months. Swimming with dolphins in kaikoura was one of my all time most memorable experiences. The first of these is something that caught me slightly off guard if im honest. Swimming with wild dolphins in kaikoura, new zealand inc promo code september 9, 2016 7 min read 14 comments when it came to things to do in new zealand swimming with in dolphins in kaikours with dolphin encounter was easily one of my highlightsheres why. Swimming with wild dolphins in kaikoura, new zealand inc. Whether you choose to view from the boat or swim in the dolphins natural environment, you will have a unique experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Located in kaikoura operating daily boat tours to swim with or view the dusky dolphins in their natural habitat of kaikoura.

Please book your dolphin swim seats as soon as you can. Browse and book the best price for kaikoura dolphin swim tour for 2090% off things to do in christchurch visit. Dolphin encounter kaikoura dolphin swim kaikoura tours. Tours have a total duration of approximately three and a half hours and a complete guided commentary is given throughout the tour. With warm wetsuit on, hop aboard your boat and learn from your guide the tricks used to. Many nature cruises offer exciting whale watching or dolphin watching experiences. Kaikoura is world renowned for the variety of marine mammals which can be seen, not least of all the giant sperm whales and the acrobatic dusky dolphins. My wife and i did the dolphin swim as part of our honeymoon in nz and we both agreed that this was the most memorable trip we took. Swimming with dolphins is a unique and sought after activity often being described as a lifechanging experience. Since then, weve built up an unmatchable level of experience, knowledge and insight about dolphins, and the best ways to encounter them in safe, humane and environmentallyfriendly ways. Akaroa dolphin swim black cat cruises epic deals and. We have three dolphin swimming vessels and are able to operate up to three tours per day. You can view sperm whales, dusky dolphins, seals and albatross all year round. In kaikoura they are often seen close to shore in small family pods of 4 to 8 individuals.

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